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Post Op Instructions

Post Op Instructions

Now that your oral surgery is completed, please follow these instructions to make yourself more comfortable, promote healing, and help prevent any possible complications.

If you have taken Halcion for your surgery, the effects of the medication may stay with you up to 8 hours. You should not operate machinery. It is best for you to rest and limit conversation. Speaking and chewing can cause bleeding.

You will have left this office with guaze covering the surgical site. Keep the guaze in place and apply pressure on it for 30 minutes. Wash hands and remove guaze after 30 minutes. A little bleeding or oozing is normal. If simple bleeding persists, use the provided extra guaze and apply pressure for another 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary, if bleeding is persistent, place a moistened tea bag to the area and apply pressure for 20 minutes. If bleeding continues please call us at 384-6656.
A nutrionally balanced soft diet with plenty of fluids is important during the first 24 hours. Eat soups and soft foods which are easily chewed and swallowed. Have foods warmed slightly rather than hot. During the first 24 hours avoid using straws, rinsing vigorously, smoking and alcohol. Any of these actions could disturb or dislodge the protective blood clot from the surgical site. Loss of clot (dry socket) may cause uncomfortable delayed healing, and require additional visits to our office for treatment. A meal supplement such as Ensure or Nurtrament may be helpful following the procedure depending on the amount of soreness you experience when chewing. Foods that are a good source of protein are: eggs, cottage cheese, pasta, lukewarm soups and ground meats.

During the next 5 days (beginning 24 hours after surgery) a lukewarm salt water rinse should be used 3-4 times a day. Dissolve one teaspoonful of salt to an eight ounce glass of warm water. Allow water to remain in your mouth for 60 seconds, but do not rinse vigorously before emptying salt water out of your mouth (do not spit). A gentle rinsing action is suggested.

Following surgery ice bags may be applied for 20 minutes, then removed for 20 minutes, continue alternating 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off until bedtime. Moist heat should be used beginning the second day if swelling is a problem. Do not use heat continuously, but you may use heat 20 minutes out of each hour. The third day is usually the most comfortable due to swelling. Some bruising may occur, this is normal.

If nausea occurs take one ounce of a carbonated drink every hour for five to six hours, along with two soda crackers, or drink mild tea or clear broth before resuming your regular diet.

Small bone fraggments often separate from the surgical site during healing. If you feel a fragment or spicule in the surgical area it will probably work its way out. If it is sharp or painful, call for an appointment. Generally these fragments are easily removed without discomfort.

Please take medications as directed unless a drug reaction or allergies develop. If a drug reaction or emergency develops please call 384-6656. If you have trouble with breathing or feel extremely ill go the nearest hospital emergency room.

Should be avoided for the first 48 hours. Exercise can promote bleeding or discomfort. Start back slowly and develop a routine based on how you feel.

If you have any reaction to surgery or medication that you consider abnormal, please call 384-6656. If this occurs after hours, please leave a message with the answering service and your call will be returned. Our answering service can usually locate the Doctor on call within and hour or so.

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